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APG Camping Gasoline Stove Oil Stove Burners with Silencer Outdoor Cookware


Brand Name: APG

Origin: Mainland China

Disposable: No

With Ignition Device or Not: Not Included

Type: Oil-burning Boiler

Fuel: White Gasoline

Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: No wind shield

Applicable Seasoning Type: Solid Seasoning

Structure: One-Piece

Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor

Material: Metal

Application Method: Manual

Model: STO0071

Number of Users: <3

Certification: NONE

Fuel: Gaoline

How to use :

1. Add petrol to stove oil tank , then use pump for 20-30 times .

2. Open the valve for 1-2 seconds and close it. we can see a little bit of oil coming out .

3. We ignite the oil and wait for the nozzle to warm up.

A blue flame indicates that the burner is on mode and we open the valve prepare food.

After use, release the pressure with the pump, open the pump and wait for the characteristic hiss until all the air comes out.

After complete cooling , check that the valve is closed .

Important Safety Warning:

1. Strictly limited to outdoor use only.

2. Please read the manual carefully before use.

3. Remove the key wench after adjusting the firepower to avoid high temperatures.

4. After use, please pour out the gasoline into a safe airtight container to avoid leakage of gasoline due to changes in environmental pressure during driving.

5. Never place an oil bottle with the cap open nearby while using the oil burner.

6. Never use any method other than this instruction to preheat the oil stove.

7. Never cover the oil stove with anti-wind shields, stones, or any other objects while in use.

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