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Boundless Voyage Outdoor Camping Titanium Pot Pan Kettle Set Travel Portable Cookware Steamer Pot Cooking Mess Kit for 1-4 Man


Brand Name: Boundless Voyage

Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Applicable

Fold: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Titanium

Disposable: No

With Tableware or Not: No

With Cooler Bag or Not: No

Type: POT

Capacity: 2L

Style: Outdoor

Model: Ti2106C/Ti2107C/Ti2108C/Ti2109C

Number of Users: 1-4

Purification Method: None

Water Purification Method: None

Bag Style: Mesh Bag

Appearance: Round

Straw Length: None

Brand: Boundless Voyage
Model: Ti2106C/Ti2107C/Ti2108C/Ti2109C
Material: TA1 Titanium
1400ml pot(S): 94.6mm(height)*160mm(outer diameter), 216g, (inner diameter 150mm)
1600ml pot(M): 95.3mm(height)*173mm(outer diameter), 272g, (inner diameter 163mm)
2400ml pot(L): 113.5mm(height)*187mm(outer diameter), 300g
Total weight about 788g, (inner diameter 177mm)

700ml non-stick pan: 150mm(diameter)*45mm(height), 85g
900ml pan: 175mm(diameter)*50mm(height), 128g
Steam pan: 190mm(diameter)*8mm(height), 83g

700ml kettle: 145mm(diameter)*75mm(height), 149g
Place of origin: Made in China

Note: Ti3098D 1000ml KETTLE can fit in Ti2018C 2400ml POT

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