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Boundless Voyage Titanium Cup Camping Mug Outdoor 4 in 1 Double Walled Foldable Tableware Lightweight Coffee Tea Water Drinkware


Brand Name: Boundless Voyage

Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Applicable

Fold: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Titanium

Disposable: No

With Tableware or Not: No

With Cooler Bag or Not: No

Type: Cup

Style: Outdoor

Model: Ti3027D/Ti3028D/Ti3029D/Ti3030D/Ti3031D/Ti3032D

Number of Users: 4

Purification Method: None

Water Purification Method: None

Bag Style: Handheld Basket

Appearance: Round

Material: 99.8% titanium

Ti3027D: 120ml, about 42g, (D)60*58(H)mm

Ti3028D: 180ml, about 56g, (D)69*67(H)mm

Ti309D: 300ml, about 81g, (D)76*87(H)mm

Ti3030D: 450ml, about 104g, (D)88*95(H)mm

Ti3031D 3 in 1 cups set: 120ml+180ml+300ml, about 179g

Ti3032D 4 in 1 cups set: 120ml+180ml+300ml+450ml, about 283g

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