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Soil Humidometer Home Gardening Measuring Tool Soil Moisture Meter Hygrometer Probe Watering Test



Origin: Mainland China

DIY Supplies: Plumbing

Display Type: Analog

Model Number: Soil Moisture Meter

With Backlight Or Not: no


1. Soil detector only tests soil and soil, etc. It is not applicable to dry flour/small stones/organic wood/sawdustliquid particles, etc.

2. When the probe is inserted into the soil, please try your best to keep it at 10cm and above.

3. To improve the accuracy of measurement results, please use the method of taking the average value by multi-point test. 4. Be careful when using the plug_-in electrode, do not touch the stone, do not too much force, otherwise it will easily hurt the electrode.

5. Detector should not be inserted in the soil for a long time, easy Oxidation damages the electrode .

6. After using, please clean the probe and probe of the detector. It should be kept dry

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